Site Bloom

A microsite creator for companies and brands.


Quick and Easy Site Creation

Drag-and-drop pre-built widgets to easily add text, photo galleries, videos, embed google maps, and more. Feature your content by using content sliders and content list widgets.

Flexible Layouts for Beautiful Sites

Customize page layouts, backgrounds, and colors. Customize how your content displays within their widgets.

One Brand, One System

People can easily visit all your sites through a main site and a persistent navigation bar. And you can easily manage all of them under one back-end system. User accounts are shared, and content can easily be shared across multiple sites too.

Time-Saving Tailored Functionality

We can build for you additional widgets and customize functionality specific to your business needs. Site creation can be made even faster by tailoring default pages, layout, widgets, and content.

Each A Full Ecommerce Site

Each site is equipped with full ecommerce functionality from product creation and display to payment integration. We'll happily customize the system for you to suit your specific requirements.

Why Create Microsites?

Because some projects, products, and services need more than a webpage.

More Information

Projects, products, and services have a life of their own. And a microsite allows you to give your customers in-depth information organized in site pages. And as each of them grow, their SiteBloom sites can grow with them.

Focused & Highlighted

Having a microsite for each project, product, or service allows you to highlight them with content and functionality specific to each.

Distinct Functionality

By having a site that is focused on a specific project, product, or service enables you to have distinct functionality relevant only to the site topic.

A Better Solution

SiteBloom allows you to quickly create, customize, deploy, and manage multiple microsites. No programming required.

Save Money

Save on website development costs. Since SiteBloom requires no programming to use, you will save a lot in leiu of a dedicated programming team to build your microsites.

Save Time

Coding a website usually takes days to months, with SiteBloom you can create a site in minutes with a few clicks.

No Programming

SiteBloom is built for use by people with no programming or web development background. It is easy to learn and will have you managing your sites, content, users, and website configurations in no time.

Unlimited Revisions

Tweak and revise your site and contents as much as you like. With powerful yet easy-to-use tools, you can quickly revise your site and content at any time and apply those changes with a click of a button.

Is it Right for My Organisation

SiteBloom has many potential applications across a wide variety of industries. Below are a few...

Education and Academe

Microsites for each school, department, or course and update or add more as they change. Microsites for research projects where people can collaborate and add more information as it grows. Microsites for online resources and courseware with restricted access to students in the course. Online subscription and purchases of content.

Agriculture, Energy, and Industrial Companies

Microsites for new ventures, projects, and research. Be it an energy company's microsite for a new clean energy project, an agricultural company's microirrigation system, a microsite to showcase an advanced automation technology, or microsites for different social responsibility programs of companies. Research microsites will help attract innovation seekers, expand the SEO reach of the companies to include their ventures, projects, and research, and give the company competitive advantage by highlighting industry knowledge and skill.

Consumer Goods, Retail, and Services

Microsites for individual products and services, each focusing on information about the product or service. Each microsite can have distinct functionality such as a shopping cart, product manual downloads, and online guides.

Government and NGOs

Microsites for government department projects, such as public works and infrastructure. Microsites for many simultaneous programs of NGOs such as environmental drives, socio-economic improvement projects, and human rights projects.


Widget System

SiteBloom has a powerful and easy-to-use widget system that allows you to drag-and-drop "widgets" where you place your content. These widgets can be used to enter and display content such as text widgets, photo gallery widgets, or online form widgets, as well as provide custom-built tailored functionality such as a web poll widget or a testimonial slider.

Customizable Layouts & Design

Change page column layouts, rearrange widgets, choose background images and colors, and style text, buttons, and links.

Powerful CMS

All your sites and content can easily be managed within a content management system (CMS) so you can easily create, modify, and take down sites. You can also manage system settings such as email notifications, and schedule publishing or unpublishing sites within the CMS.

Site Temaplate Defaults

Change page column layouts, rearrange widgets, choose background images and colors, and style text, buttons, and links.

User Accounts & Access

Users who sign up to one site automatically is signed up to all your site so you remember all user details and preferences. Access permissions for both backend users and customers can be configured in the backend.

Unique Domain Names

Each site can be set to have its own domain name or fall under your own domain.

SEO & Analytics Ready

You can configure each site's URLs, page titles, meta tags, and keywords. The system is also Google Analytics ready and easy to setup to you analytics account.


Each site is e-commerce capable and allows you to create products, have a shopping cart, and checkout. We will be happy to integrate with your payment processor of choice. Backend store management is done via order lists and product, currency, and payment configurations.

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