Small Business Office Server Setup

Small Office Server Setup in Hong Kong


Just because your office is small, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get enterprise-quality services. Kite Systems can help your start-up or small business, with server setup and maintenance that allows you to realise your communications potential.

Small business server setup

The team at Kite Systems can help you with your server setup from the very beginning, including the selection of hardware that meets your current and projected needs. We consult closely with senior management to determine the nature of files and programs to be run off the server, any future growth that is planned for the individual office, security requirements, and more. We will determine the ideal physical location within the office space. Our installation team will install your server and ensure all devices are adequately connected.

Kite Systems also offers a range of affordable server maintenance services. Booking in for regular maintenance at the time of small office server setup can help prevent costly down time in the future. When a server fails or has issues, and programs aren’t working, it can lead to employees being stuck without the resources they need to process sales, carry out transactions, and serve clients. Maintenance involves inspection of the physical infrastructure, as well as testing using diagnostic programs to assess speed etc.

We welcome enquiries from new and established small businesses looking for server setup, maintenance or upgrades. To discuss your unique requirements, please call the Kite Systems head office or contact us online using the form below.