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Drupal is an open source CMS, written in PHP, that is popular for its flexibility and sophistication. It is used for a wide range of different websites, from blogs to corporate websites and even government sites. Established as an open source project in 2001, there are now 30,000 free add-ons that have been made by the wider Drupal community, as well as a wide range of custom developed features. Regardless of the level of customisation, it’s designed to be easy to update for users of just about any skill level, even those without programming abilities. If you’re looking for a Drupal website developer who understands the true potential of this CMS, get in touch with Kite Systems.

Drupal web design in Hong Kong

One of the ways you can really make a Drupal website stand out of the crowd is with custom design. Successful Drupal theme development requires not just great graphics and layout knowledge, but an understanding of how the CMS works to coordinate and limit appearance of new content added. With the help of an experienced Drupal theme developer, your site will stay looking neat and professional no matter what type of updates you need to make.

Drupal vs Joomla

The Drupal v Joomla debate is a source of contention amongst professional web designers and developers. Many prefer Drupal for the way it allows complex relationships between different types of content. If you need content to appear on different ways, different layouts on different pages depending on the topic/product/service, Drupal is your best choice. Joomla is more of an out-of-the-box option, for when you need a site up and running ASAP.

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