Event Technology Services

We provide several technology related service to the events, convention, and festival industry.

Event Technology Services

Kite Systems provides several technology services to the events, convention, and festival industry including consulting for and implementation of broadband, networking, cabling, redundancy, wireless communications, indoor and outdoor WIFI, walkie talkie communication equipment rental, CCTV equipment rental, 4G modem equipment rental, network monitoring, network design and consulting, and project management.

We have the technical capability to provide networking and WIFI from just a few end points up to several thousand concurrent connections.

Some of the events that we have provided services for include Clockenflap Music Arts festival, AIA Carnival, Hong Kong Rugby 7s, Art Central, Taste of Hong Kong, Cavalia, Lai Yuen Super Summer, SummerFest, McKinsey Annual Partners Conference, and BloHK Party.

Kite Systems also provides IT services for Ticketflap, which is a partner company. Ticketflap provides all types of technical services to the events sector, such as RFID access management, staffing, accounting, token systems, mobile credit card processing equipment, POS systems, etc. Kite Systems provides the underlying networking for any of those services. One of our most notable annual projects is to provide networking for the RFID access management at the Hong Kong Rugby 7s at Hong Kong Stadium.

We are the preferred IT vendor at the Central Harboufront Event Space for broadband line provisioning, networking, and WIFI installation.

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Indoor and Outdoor WIFI

  • Indoor WIFI
  • Outdoor WIFI
  • High Density WIFI

Kite Systems has experience designing, installing, and maintaining WIFI in many different types of environments. These range from office WIFI to gallery and commercial space WIFI, and outdoor event WIFI.

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Event Networking

  • Redundant Network
  • High Density WIFI
  • 4G Booster Service

Kite Systems has extensive experience with providing networking and WIFI in temporary event spaces. We know how to solve challenges in unpredictable indoor and outdoor environments that do not have permanent infrastructure.

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Event Equipment Rental

  • Networking Equipment
  • High Performance Walkie Talkie
  • 4G Communications
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Credit Card Processing Machines

We can provide the technical equipment to make your events run smoothly and efficiently.

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  • Event Installation
  • Point Tilt Zoom (PTZ)
  • Fixed Cameras
  • Recording and Archiving
  • Permanent Site Installation

CCTV is critical to ensuring that you are protected as an organizer from theft or other crime. CCTV also allows you to analyze crowd movement and crowd control during your events and when you plan future events.

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