Kite eWallet

An online and offline payment solution that's secure and robust out-of-the-box
and fully customisable to your business.


Tailor-fit For Your Business

Save on development costs for an in-house wallet solution by customising our mature product for a solution that fits your business model, is integrated with your partners’ systems, is specific to your language and currency requirements, and is designed aethetically and functionally for your business.

Transact Online and Offline

Perform a wide range of online and offline payments and transfers, covering everything from purchasing goods and services, to sending money to friends and families whether via an app, SMS/USSD, or even an integrated pre-paid card.

Secure and Scalable

Robust scalable architecture and cutting edge security features combine to make a solid and stable environment.

Wide Range of Topup Options

From bank deposits and transfers, to ACH deposits and credit card loads, the wallet provides a variety of methods to introduce liquidity to the system.

Micropayments for Competitive Rates

Real-time API handling of micropayments provides an elegant solution for an in-App / in-Game purchases at far cheaper rates than offered by mobile carriers.


Different Interface Options

The wallet can be used to provide solutions suitable for any type of user, from those using modern smartphones, to individuals using older GSM based handsets. A web based interface optimized for all major browsers can also be included. Any combination of these interfaces can be made available to suit the needs of the business model in question.

Multi-lingual & Multi-currency

Fully multi-lingual compatible, including support for character-based languages such as Chinese. Accounts can be in any currency that the wallet operator chooses to make available. Funds can be transferred between accounts in different currencies at exchange rates set by the wallet operator. This creates a truly international solution to facilitate processes like remittance and international purchases.

Integrated With Pre-paid Cards

Pre-paid VISA and Mastercard cards can be integrated with the system allowing users to spend money held in the system through online and offline POS transactions as well as access their funds through ATM networks world-wide. Funds paid onto cards from external sources such as payroll systems can be taken off the card back into the wallet for use in other types of transactions.

Integrated Voucher System

The wallet comes with an accompanying voucher system to support the retailing of any voucher based product directly from the wallet. Vouchers can be uploaded to the system and are securely encrypted before being stored in the database. Voucher details can then be delivered to customers who purchase them by SMS, email, or displayed directly on screen. The system also accommodates vouchers which require an API call for activation at the point of dispatch.


A common problem for many businesses is how to take regular small payments for impulse purchases without incurring exorbitant processing fees. Solutions provided by mobile phone operators for in-app and in-game purchases can often cost the merchant a disproportionate amount of the purchase price. The wallet can integrate with such merchants and provide a way to collect small amounts of money from customers at a fraction of the cost traditionally imposed.

Secure and Stable

Kite’s security knowledge has been applied across the system making it resistant to external and internal attacks. The system has been designed to scale horizontally so that increases in user base and activity can be accommodated through the simple implementation of additional hardware and connectivity.

Flexible Online and Offline Payment Solution

Users can create accounts and perform a wide range of payments and transfers, covering everything from purchasing of virtual goods and services, to sending money to friends and families. Use of reference codes is employed to handle business to business payments and methods such as QR code scanning can be employed to add security to certain types of transactions.

Wide Range of Topup Options

One of the big challenges facing any wallet system is getting money into the system to begin with. The wallet supports bank top-up through either cash deposit or EFT using a system generated reference code to check against parsed bank statements for settlement of funds. Credit card top-up is also possible as is ACH processing for customers in the US and Canada. Money can also be paid onto pre-paid cards and, from there, transferred to a wallet account.

Financial Solutions for the Unbanked

The lack of access to banking and credit that face many populations around the world often creates a need for more innovative approaches to managing their money and payments. The wallet’s large range of top-up and payment methods, together with pre-paid card options and GSM device accessibility creates a very flexible system that can be used to create virtual banking systems to address these problems.

Bitcoin Support

Wallet can also support digital wallet storage as well as secure transfers and transactions in Bitcoins.

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