We have successfully launched several high-traffic publishing systems that allow content providers from different parts of the globe serve content to an international audience. From rich media to social media, SEO, and analytics we have solid experience in the field of digital publishing.


Why Publish With Drupal

Drupal really comes into its own for large scale publishing sites as it is the only truly open-source platform that meets the needs of the modern content curators and the flexibility they demand. Drupal meets these requirements by not only being an extremely extensible CMS but also by providing a solid development framework with rich well documented APIs and an extensive catalogue of proven 3rd party modules. Kite's many years of experience working with Drupal make it possible for us to make the right choices, build high performance stable platforms, and give the content managers the tools they demand.

5 Years Experience

Kite System's team of Drupal developers and engineers has been working with Drupal for over five years. Drupal is at it's most effective when used in large-scale publishing, and social media sites. Kite has gained extensive experience in this sector by building a wide range of publishing platforms, such as the global media giant's, and Hong Kong based media powerhouse SCMP's Kite is also proud to have launched some of Hong Kong's startup success stories using Drupal such as


Kite Systems has been engaged on the project for over 3 years. Kite's dedicated team of developers, and QA engineers have played a pivotal role in the ongoing and extensive development of the platform during this time. They have migrated from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 and facilitated the transition from the Asian focused to the global brand

They have built the mobile platform which was designed to provide a superior experience for users on mobile devices visiting CNN Travel via search engines and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Kite Systems maintains and keep enhancing the custom modules like Apache Solr extension, context module extension, ad file processing and management, CKEditor custom plugins, video management, services and more.

Kite team is now in the process of integrating Spark in CNN Travel core.

Notable technologies and modules:

  • Apache Solr
  • Varnish
  • Memcache
  • NginX
  • APC
  • CDN
  • Akamai
  • Drush
  • New Relic
  • Services (Mobile App)
  • Spark (In-place editor)
  • Selenium
  • Coder (PHPSniffer, Custom Git pre-commit hook)
  • Acquia


One of Hong Kong's leading publishers SCMP, chose to rebuild their extremely popular from the ground up using Drupal 7. The website is built using the powerful Apache Solr search platform, which allows users to quickly search across a large and multilingual database of properties across Hong Kong.

The site is equipped with a bulk import feature, which allows the administrators to quickly add or update content in large volumes.

As one of the many sites operated by SCMP, Luxehomes is part of a larger family of websites, and has a number of features that allow it to share content across platforms. Luxehomes is able to automatically pull data from a centralized source used by the publisher, export data in raw form to be used by other platforms, and create interactive widgets that can be displayed on other websites.


Ecozine is Hong Kong's leading large-scale eco publication. The site features a vast array of content and features including Articles, Contributor Blogs, Photo / Video Galleries, Business Directory with Free / Paid listings, Events Calendar.

Ecozine for the large part makes extensive use of Drupal's core strengths, with wide array of content with multi-tiered categorization, linking all sections of the site together. Promoting different categories and sections allows Ecozine to offer flexible adve rtising space to target specific audiences.

The site also makes use of a number of performance orientated technologies such as ApacheSolr for high-performance search, as well as Boost caching to serve pages across the site much faster than core Drupal.

There is also extensive bespoke Javascript written to meet the client's exact requirements for client-side page manipulation such as multi-tabbed blocks, animation of galleries and scrolling blocks to help deliver a rich catalogue of content without overwhelming the user.


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