Web/Mobile Development

Web and mobile sites and applications are one of the cornerstones of Kite Systems. We have successfully launched a wide range of projects from high-traffic publishing systems to online recruitment platforms and market research web tools, covering functionality from CMS to SEO and custom-built web applications.

Experience Across Industries and Applications

We have successfully launched projects spanning a wide range of industries. We have built numerous corporate, organizational, and product websites from legal and financial corporate sites to event ticketing sites and design shop portfolios. We've launched high-traffic publishing systems catering to a global audience such as Travel.CNN.com, Little Steps Asia, and Ecozine.com. We have also built custom applications such as online recruitment platforms and market research and data analysis web applications.

From Standard to Custom-Built Functionalities

Our expertise covers a broad range of functionalities, from standard website functions to custom-built applications.


Content Management System to control website text, image, media content as well as menu systems, and site configuration.

Beautiful User Interfaces

Well-designed and intuitive user interfaces, backed by web best practices and leading-edge trends and approaches.

Categorization & Search

From simple keyword search to custom content categorization, filtering, and advanced search.

Users & Permissions

Simple user login accounts, security, backend user management, and assigning roles and permissions to users.


Integration with popular social media sites such as YouTube, to integration with custom slideshows, podcasts, and media players.

3rd-Party Applications

Integration with 3rd-party applications to extend site functionality such as Google Maps, 3rd-party widgets and web services.

Social Media

Social media sharing and publishing of site content, social pages following, and social media apps and widgets integration.


Publishing various formats of feeds such as rss, and integration with external feeds as sources of content.


From user newsletters subscription to mailing list management and creation of newsletters from site contents


From multi-language websites to multi-sites per region


From website loading speed benchmarked against web standards, to server load-testing to handle large volumes of simultaneous requests.

Analytics & SEO

Integration with analytics and reporting tools for search engine optimization and digital marketing, as well as tools to manage and improve SEO.

Our Process

End-to-end website development is one of our specializations. From website design and consultancy to building compelling user interfaces, covering functionality from CMS to SEO.


During the consultancy and requirements gathering phase, we learn about your organization and the objectives of the project as well as suggest possible solutions and advice you on best courses of action.


With the objectives in mind, we design the technology solution as well as the aesthetic and UI approach. Wireframes, software documentation, and design mockups are presented and revised as needed.


Using agreed documentation and designs as guides, we build iteratively. Frequent functionality meetings before the build and then functionality demos after the build engage you often to ensure that the final product is up to spec.


Either as a full product launch or iterative releases of new functionality and improvements, after thorough testing, we prepare the site for launch by removing all test data and content and switch the site to go-live. Analytics and reporting tools are switched on.


After launch, the site is constantly monitored. If any bugs are found, they are fixed. Site and server activity is monitored and alerts are sounded off when security or server issues arise to prevent downtime. Regular site backups are made if required.

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