With over a decade of experience in payment processing systems across varied sectors and methodologies, we have worked with payments solution providers both as clients and suppliers and have a strong understanding of the industry in all its forms.

Over a Decade of Experience and Comprehensive Expertise

Our areas of expertise include acquiring funds, payment mechanisms, remittance, stored value solutons, and transaction reconciliation. Payment consultancy and integration of various payment systems to create a cohesive solution is our specialty.

Payment Consultancy

From advice on suitable solutions, to detailed risk management planning and compliance advice, we are ideally placed to help you with our extensive industry experience. From something as simple as taking payment by credit card on a website, to building a global payments environment, we can advise and build a suitable solution for your organisation's needs.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

We have spent the last four years developing and maintaining a sophisticated credit card processing switch to handle online credit and debit card transactions including fraud scrubbing and reporting. This allows transactions to be routed to multiple banks, in multiple currencies depending on the nature of the transaction. Automated AVS and fraud scrubbing is included and complex business rules are configurable. A reporting interface provides both internal users and merchants to run the business effectively and transparently.

China Union Pay

We have experience processing acquiring transactions and payouts to China Union Pay (CUP) cards both in and outside of China. This differs from credit card processing both technically and with regards to regulation.

Kite can advise on this type of payment processing and provide solutions to get merchants integrated to a China suitable processing solution.

Wallet Systems

Stored value wallet systems can form the core of a wide range of complex payment systems. The ability to maintain account balances with a number of deposit and withdrawal options creates a powerful and flexible payment environment.

We have deployed and run wallets in many markets and have our own wallet system that can be licensed or purchased with customization and white-label options.

ACH/Check21 Processing

Processing of US and Canada based ACH and Check21 transactions including returns and NOC handling. ACH and Check21 allow companies to deposit and withdraw funds directly from signed up individuals’ bank accounts in the US and Canada.

Kite has been developing and running a batch processing based ACH system for its client and can provide the technology, the know-how and the relationships to get merchants processing these transactions quickly and efficiently, as well as minimizing the level of returned transactions and notifications of change.

Prepaid Card Issuing

End-to-end systems for management of prepaid VISA and Mastercard products. Kite has developed sophisticated prepaid card management systems that handle everything from card applications and KYC processing, to payroll systems and insurance products bundled with cards. Management of float account balances and API integration are included making the prepaid card systems available as an extension for wallets and other broader payment systems.

Prepaid Card Issuing

Integrated Payment Systems

We can create complex payment solutions that integrate one or more of the processing methods and stored value systems detailed above with any other third party system, allowing clients to handle complex payment requirements with ease. Everything is based on our sophisticated transactional processing system – a secure and robust account based double entry accounting platform.

Reconciliation and Settlement

Automated systems to reconcile transaction data from multiple sources and create invoicing and settlement information. An integral part of any payment processing solution is ensuring that all parties agree on the status and amount of all transactions that were presented for processing. Transaction-by-transaction reconciliation and problem resolution are an integral part of this process. Once all is agreed, settlements must be planned, fees deducted and statements prepared. We can help you with any part of this process, providing either advice, or technical solutions to automate the workflow involved.

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